Artistic Research: "This is Not a Drum" – towards a post-instrumental practice

"This is Not a Drum” – towards a post-instrumental practice was a project conducted under the umbrella of The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme from 2010–2014, in which the role of the instrumentalist in contemporary music practice was explored through collaborative commissions and multiple interpretations of existing works.

Teaching: Musikhochschule Freiburg

Håkon Stene is a full time professor, and head of the percussion department at the Freiburg Music Academy. This department offers a wide variety of focus areas, such as solo and chamber music, contemporary, experimental and historical performance practices, orchestral timpani and percussion, also branching out to areas such as hand-drumming, drum kit, the use of electronics and other media in performance, as well as to the field of artistic research.

Solo Percussion


Matthew Shlomowitz – Popular Contexts, Volume 7: Five Soundscapes in Modern Percussion (24', 2016)
Johannes Kreidler – Fantasies of Downfall (10', 2016)
Mark Appelbaum – Aphasia (8', 2010)

Trond Reinholdtsen – Percussion Sonata No.1: INFERNO (40', 2013) MUSICAL THEATRE

Erik Dæhlin – Absence is the Only Real (45', 2014) MUSICAL THEATRE

Pantha du Prince - Conference of Trees 

In his new project CONFERENCE OF TREES, musician Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince explores communication between trees. Scientists have increasingly been confirming something that countless stories across cultures have described for millennia: trees can exchange information amongst themselves, even across long distances. Weber turns this cellular “conversation” into an artistic work that allows a sensual entry into this secretive phenomenon and combines music, visual poetry and speculative science.